1 Day Restorations

Digital technologies have revolutionized dentistry. One of the most 
amazing technologies is CEREC. This system utilizes an in-office scanner 
and milling machine to allow us to prepare, mill, and cement crowns, 
onlays, and inlays **in one visit**. These restorations enhance the 
strength of the tooth. Studies, as well as our personal experience, show 
these restorations last for more than ten years in most cases.

Benefits to the patient:

  • No temporary restorations that can come off between visits

  • Fewer dental visits

  • Fewer shots since procedure completed in one visit

  • More natural tooth structure can often be saved

  • Long lasting, biocompatible all ceramic material

How does it work?

1. The tooth is prepared for the crown/onlay and then a high quality 
camera and medical grade computer are utilized to take pictures of the 
prepared tooth.

2. Three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) software is utilized to 
evaluate the surrounding teeth and recommend a design for the new 

3. An in-office milling machine manufactures the restoration from a solid 
block of ceramic. The restoration is adjusted, polished, and cemented while 
the patient waits (typically an hour and half to two hours for the entire 
appointment). Steps 1-3 are completed during the same visit! 

If you have a damaged tooth that would benefit from being strengthened, 
ask us if CEREC technology is right for you!