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Cold Sore Relief

April 30, 2020
Posted By: Dr. Scott Anderson
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All of the shelter in place mandates and concerns about the coronavirus can undoubtedly increase your stress.  It certainly has elevated mine!  Stress tends to be one of the key components causing another virus, HSV-1, to get active resulting in recurrent cold sores. HSV-1 can lie dormant for months or years, but if you are prone to cold sores, you know the virus will eventually return.   If you ever had a cold sore, you know that ominous feeling when you get the first tingling or burning that signals the start of a cold sore outbreak. 

Cold Sore Relief Treatments

You can't cure HSV-1, but there are a few great treatments that are available.  The key is starting the treatments as soon as you begin to feel the symptoms.  Here are two options I really like:  

1) Prescription Valtrex: If you get cold sores very often, you would probably benefit from keeping a prescription of Valtrex handy.  This is an inexpensive anti-viral that you take twice a day for one day at the onset of the outbreak.  I have found this medication makes a huge difference and the key is taking it at the earliest signs of the outbreak.

2) Over the counter Orajel for Cold Sores: This is a unique product that can be found at the drug store.  Again, the key is to apply this product as soon as you feel the onset of the tingling.  I've found this to be far more effective than Abreva or other cold sore creams.  

Contact Our Dentist Office in Champaign, IL! 

Cold sores are no fun. I know because I have one right now!  But I took Valtrex at the first sign of the tingling and three days later the cold sore is relatively harmless and never got very large.  Left untreated these can be expansive and painful but treatments can help keep the outbreak smaller and make you more comfortable. 

If you get cold sores often and are interested in more information about what you can do, please send me an email: info@cusmiling and put "cold sores" in the subject line. We also welcome to to contact Anderson Dental at (217) 356-7334 to schedule your next dental exam in Champaign. 

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