SureSmile Aligners in Champaign, IL

Have you ever considered starting treatment for invisible braces?Woman holding clear braces at our 61821 dentist office

If you’re unhappy with your smile, it may be because your teeth are not as straight as they could be. Maybe you had braces as a child and are suffering from orthodontic relapse, or maybe you missed the opportunity for braces altogether.

No matter the reason, your dentist in Champaign wants to help you reclaim your smile and boost your confidence.

In our dental office, we rely on SureSmile by CEREC. This system is a series of clear braces that gradually move your teeth into their correct positions.

Are Clear Braces Right for You?

Your dentist in Champaign, IL examines your teeth, takes x-rays, and chats with you about your desired smile. Then the two of you decide together whether SureSmile is the right option for you. SureSmile is equivalent to Invisalign and ClearCorrect in terms of straightening teeth without obvious metal braces.

How SureSmile works 

Your dentist takes digital impressions of your teeth—using no molding goop—and the resulting model is used to create your clear aligners. Every few weeks, you will switch to a new aligner to bring your teeth in line on a comfortable timetable.

As you move through the series of aligners, you will notice your teeth straightening gradually as you go, which is very exciting!

Typically, you wear SureSmile for 22 hours per day, but you can remove the aligners when brushing, flossing, eating, or drinking.

Clear braces in Champaign, IL may correct the following issues:

  • Bite alignment—underbite, overbite-crossbite
  • Twisted teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overlapping teeth
  • Gaps between teeth

Following therapy, your dentist in Champaign, IL fits you with a custom retainer, which helps protect your new smile from relapse.

The Benefits of Clear Braces

Young couple wearing clear braces in Urbana ILUnlike traditional braces, invisible braces are discreet. There is no metal or brackets to detract from your smile or make you feel less confident with friends and colleagues. And you don’t have to visit the dental office for tightening appointments.

Because you can remove your clear braces when eating and drinking, you’ll not have to worry about debris lodging in your braces.

Brushing and flossing are optimized when there are no wires and brackets, too.

Following therapy with SureSmile, you will have straight teeth. And properly aligned teeth are easier to care for with your toothbrush and dental floss. An even bite also means less wear on your teeth. Enamel wear leads to cavities, fractures, and even tooth loss.

Additionally, a straight smile may give you more confidence!

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