Root Canal Treatment in Champaign, IL

You have been told you need a root canal, and you’re concerned; negative stories and images are swirling around in your head, but you also know it’s an important procedure. What you need now are facts and information that help you feel confident and informed going forward.

Woman holding ice pack on her face due to root canal infectionThe team at Anderson Dental has decades of experience and understands that no one in Champaign, IL likes the idea of having a root canal. Since this is the only procedure available to save an infected tooth, we aim to make the entire process comfortable and stress-free.

Pain Relief from Root Canal Infections

Your teeth are made up of several layers; the outermost layer is hard tooth enamel, underneath the enamel is a softer layer called dentin, and beneath the dentin—deep inside your tooth—is the pulp chamber that extends from the crown of the tooth to the tip of its roots.

Dental pulp contains blood vessels, tissue, and nerves that keep the tooth alive. If you have a deep cavity, a chip or crack in a tooth, or have had repeated dental procedures, bacteria can enter the pulp chamber and cause a painful infection and dental abscess. Dental trauma can also damage the tooth’s pulp.

In order to relieve your pain and save the tooth, our Champaign, IL dentists would recommend a root canal.

Signs That Indicate You Might Need a Root Canal

Some common signs that you have an infected tooth and need a root canal are:

  • A severe toothache that continues to worsen
  • Pain when you touch the tooth or bite down
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • A raised bump or “pimple” on the gums
  • Jaw tenderness, pain, or swelling
  • A terrible taste or odor in your mouth

 If you experience any of these symptoms, call the team at Anderson Dental. We will schedule an appointment at our Champaign, IL dental office to see if a root canal is necessary. 

Comfortable Care & Sedation Dentistry Options

Dental patient smiling in chair for root canal procedure in Champaign ILNow you know how a root canal infection occurs, but you may still worry about the procedure itself. First, it is a myth that root canals are painful; it isn’t the procedure that hurts—it is the infection that causes your toothache. By removing the infection, we eliminate your pain and save the tooth.

We use powerful anesthetics to numb the tooth to make the procedure comfortable. Have dental anxiety or just want to relax through your appointment? Ask us about nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, to keep you calm and comfortable throughout your procedure.

Next, our Champaign, IL dentists use leading-edge rotary endodontic technology to efficiently and thoroughly remove the tooth pulp and every trace of infection. They then fill the inside of the tooth and seal it with a temporary filling. In about two weeks—after the tooth has a chance to heal—they add a composite tooth-colored filling or dental crown to protect the tooth.

Do Not Wait to Schedule A Root Canal in Champaign, IL!

If you have any of the symptoms above and suspect you need a root canal, please call Anderson Dental as soon as possible at (217) 356-7334 to schedule root canal treatment. We want to help you, and the sooner we treat the infected tooth, the better our chances of saving it.