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What is root canal treatment, and does it hurt?

Root canal treatment is a procedure that addresses an inner tooth infection, one that has grown so deep that it threatens your tooth as a whole. One of the telltale symptoms that you may need root canal treatment is a persistent and often overwhelming toothache. This is a reason many people associate the procedure with pain because they are in pain to begin with.

When you receive a root canal at Anderson Dental, we go out of our way to ensure your procedure is as comfortable as possible and you don't experience any pain. We will numb your tooth with powerful anesthetics, and for additional sedative effects, we offer nitrous oxide. You inhale this odorless gas under our supervision to help you relax and mute the procedure.

How We Perform a Root Canal in Champaign, IL

Once we’ve examined and x-rayed your tooth to determine if root canal therapy is the right course, your dentist in Champaign will access the innermost part of the tooth that contains living tissue called pulp. We need to remove infected tooth pulp altogether to stop the infection in its tracks.

To do this, we use leading-edge rotary endodontic technology to clear out the pulp and disinfect the area. Then, to prevent future infection, we fill the cleaned-out pulp area with a rubber-like material called gutta percha, then place a temporary dental crown or filling on the tooth to protect it.

After about two weeks, your final restoration will be available, and we will ensure it fits and cement it in place permanently.

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