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How Common Are Root Canals?

August 30, 2021
Posted By: Anderson Dental
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Root canals are a common procedure that our dentists in Champaign, IL do routinely. The treatment is effective for saving teeth that would die and fall out if left untreated. Root canals can also reduce or stop the pain caused by the affected tooth. The process of cleaning and filling the cleared out root is essential for preventing the affected tooth from causing or worsening other dental issues with the gums, jaw, and surrounding teeth.

Root Canals Are Nothing to Fear

Root canals are a standard dental procedure performed by endodontists and general dentists. Your dentist will conduct a thorough examination before determining a root canal is your best option. During the procedure, they will take every precaution to ensure you are comfortable as possible. At Anderson Dental, we pride ourselves on the comfortable experience we provide for our patients in Champaign, as well as our expertise in high-quality dentistry. 

When Are Root Canals Necessary?

When our dentists in Champaign recommend root canal treatment, there is no other option to save the tooth. Eventually, left untreated, the tooth will die and fall out, and until the nerve dies, it is likely to cause the patient throbbing pain. This kind of damage can happen to the root because:

  • A crack or chip in the tooth exposes the inner layers of the teeth to the open air, causing a lot of pain with hot and cold foods and liquids and trouble chewing on or near that tooth. 
  • Bacteria has infected the root of the tooth and is rotting it away. When a cavity has been left untreated for too long, the bacteria can work its way to the root, where it will eventually cause the tooth to fall out. 
  • Multiple dental procedures on the same tooth may have left it weak, vulnerable to temperature change, and sensitive to chewing. 

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