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What to Expect at Your Dental Cleaning

September 29, 2021
Posted By: Anderson Dental
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Routine cleanings at your general dentist in Champaign, IL, are the cornerstone of your good oral hygiene practices. Because many dental issues are progressive, cleanings can help stop the problem before it gains any steam.

Cleanings are like locking your doors and windows each night; do it faithfully, and you'll keep many potential challenges on the outside rather than the inside. The sense of security is well worth the effort.

The Main Goal of Your Dental Cleaning

Dr. Anderson or a hygienist at Anderson Dental will use various tools and methods, all intended to remove tartar build-up from teeth. Tartar is the hard crust that forms when plaque on your teeth is allowed to increase. This build-up is the primary cause of gum disease and tooth decay.

The Tools of the Trade

Your dentist or hygienist will use a small dental mirror to check all surfaces of your teeth during your exam and cleaning. The following tool is the dental scaler which has a curved pick on one or both ends.

The scaler's purpose is to help gently remove more stubborn tartar. We also will use a polishing tool to finish your teeth cleaning and remove stains, along with professional floss for thorough cleaning between your teeth.

Will It Hurt?

Cleanings, when performed on a consistent routine, are seldom painful. However, if more than 12 months have passed since your last cleaning, you can expect tartar build-up to be more significant and perhaps require your dentist to perform a more extensive cleaning.

So with smaller intervals between cleanings, you'll likely experience some discomfort but nothing more. If you've allowed years to pass between cleanings, removing the thick layer of tartar will take more force, but some factors could exacerbate the pain from cleaning:

  • Gum Inflammation
  • Tooth decay
  • Inconsistent brushing and flossing
  • TMJ or other jaw pain

Luckily, as an exam is part of your cleaning, Dr. Anderson can identify conditions that cause oral pain and advise you on how those conditions may be corrected.

How Long Will It Take?

At Andersen Dental in Champaign, IL, your comfort is one of our top priorities. So we will work hard to complete each cleaning phase quickly while still doing a thorough job. In general, an exam and cleaning are complete within one hour.

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