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How much do clear braces cost?

The appeal of discreet teeth straightening through clear aligners is an alternative to braces for many people looking to improve their smiles. Many adults have trouble imagining themselves wearing braces and would rather avoid straightening their teeth if that's what it takes.

Clear aligners like SureSmile, which is similar to Invisalign, are an alternative to braces that will work for most mouths. Patients with missing teeth, significant gaps, severe misalignments may still need traditional braces. Visit your dentist in Champaign, IL to discuss which treatment options are available to you. 

How Much Do Clear Aligners Cost?

Each treatment plan will involve customized aligners measured to your teeth and mouth. Each successive aligner will slowly push your teeth into place. Because each mouth is different and the amount of correction required varies, each patient's cost varies. During the consultation with the dentist, you can discuss the cost.

Dental Insurance Can Help

Many dental plans will help you pay for the cost of clear braces. Before discussing aligners with your dentist, discuss what your dental insurance might cover to make clear braces more affordable. 

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