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How long do dental fillings last?

Fillings will not last a lifetime, which is why it's important to get routine dental cleanings and exams so our dentists can conclude when a tooth-colored filling needs to be replaced.

No matter how diligent we might be with at-home brushing and flossing, it's likely that almost all American adults will need at least one tooth-colored filling within their lifetime. 

If you have dental fillings, it's natural to wonder how long your teeth can expect to enjoy their dental restorations.

man smiling in dental chair after getting a fillingLifespan of Your Fillings

Frequently, tooth-colored fillings can be expected to last from ten to 20 years, although this depends on the location of the filling, its size, and your oral hygiene.

Many factors can lengthen or shorten their shelf life, including:

  • Diet and eating habits
  • Injury to your tooth
  • Dental hygiene
  • Tooth decay around the filling
  • Bruxism or teeth grinding

Maintain Your Fillings with Visits to Our Dentists in Champaign

We may not think about it, but fillings are made to withstand a lot of stress and pressure. Things like eating and chewing can compromise your filling over time. Once a filling becomes loose, it can create a little hideout where food particles can hide and create tooth decay.

This is why dental visits in Champaign are so crucial. Every time we examine our patient's smiles, we determine any issues with your filling. 

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