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What happens during a tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth are a standard dental extraction procedure for adults and teens, but there are other reasons to get teeth extracted as we age. 

At Anderson Dental, we always do everything we can to save your tooth. It's typically better to keep your natural teeth whenever we can, but when a tooth is too damaged to save, we move quickly to perform tooth extractions in Champaign, IL before it can impact surrounding teeth. 

Why would a tooth need to be extracted? Generally, severe tooth infection, overcrowding, trauma to the tooth, terrible tooth decay are all common culprits. 

Two Types of Extractions: Simple and Surgical Dental patient smiling in treatment chair for tooth extraction in Champaign IL

A simple extraction means removing visible teeth. First, we loosen the tooth with an instrument called an elevator. Your Champaign, IL dentist uses forceps to remove the tooth.

Teeth that are broken, below the surface, broken at the gum line, or impacted require a surgical procedure. Your extraction dentist will make a small incision into the gum and get rid of the impacted wisdom tooth or broken tooth.

For both tooth extractions, we will administer a shot of anesthetic so that patients will not feel anything except some pressure. 

Gentle Tooth Extractions in Champaign, IL 

Dental extractions can help patients maintain a healthy smile. Your dentists, Dr. Scott Anderson, Dr. John Anderson, and Dr. Cesar Alburez, are highly skilled in this dental procedure. 

If you think you might need a tooth extraction, contact Anderson Dental. We can go over your oral health and determine if you are a good candidate. 

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