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When is wisdom teeth removal neccessary?

Wisdom teeth are interesting, not everyone gets them, and some of us only get one set. Do those of us who have them need to get them removed?

Dentists generally advise getting them removed before they cause problems. Most of the problem with wisdom teeth comes from overcrowding the jaw. Many people don't have space for their wisdom teeth to come in straight, so they often come in impacted, crooked, or fail to surface from under the gums. They can rub up against your molars and cause damage to their roots and enamel.

What if you have your wisdom teeth, and they aren't causing you any trouble? Do they still need to be pulled? Probably not, but you should see a dentist be sure.

Signs You Should See A Dentist for Wisdom Tooth Removal

You should consider seeing a dentist for wisdom tooth removal in Champaign, IL if you experience one or more of these symptoms:

  • Pain in the back of your molars that feels like pressure.
  • You notice or feel that the teeth are starting to or have already grown crooked.
  • You are having trouble closing your jaw without rubbing your wisdom teeth against other parts of your mouth. 
  • You experience pain coming from your wisdom teeth. 

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